Lax Meltdown



LAX MELTDOWN is looking to return 

Spring 2018!!


All games played at these ARTIFICIAL TURF FIELD locations:                                               Reisterstown Park  401 Mitchell Drive  21136                                                                                Franklin High School  12000 Reisterstown Rd.  21136                                                              Northwest Park  4515 Deer Park Rd.  21117

MeltdownRefundPolicy             MELTDOWNWEATHERPOLICY

IMPORTANT: NO GATORADE OR SPORTS DRINKS ALLOWED ON TURF FIELDS – WATER ONLY! Also no food products, gum, smoking, or tobacco products on turf fields.  Official coaches & players only allowed inside fence on turf fields – no parents or siblings.

Dogs are allowed on grounds but must be leashed & cleaned up after. If aggressive behavior or complaint, you will be asked to remove dog.

All Federation rules apply with these exceptions: No one-handed checks (automatic slash penalty). For U15 Juniors: 20 seconds to clear & 10 seconds into box all game long. All others: no counts except last 2 minutes or when initiated with stall warning. Sub horn okay on endline. Free clear after goals to team losing by 4 or more goals.

We clean all fields at the end of each day. If you leave something on a field by mistake, please email with a specific description of the item and field location so we can contact you if turned into lost & found.