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Go to “Registration” page on this site for online registration link.

Most age groups will have evaluations/tryouts in January and all registered players will be notified when those dates & times are confirmed.

The fee is $100.00 per player for all except Beginner’s Basics K & 1st grade (see bottom of this page for K & 1st program info.)

March is a practice month. Depending on coach’s preference there may be as many as 3 practices per week during March (typically 1 or 2 weeknights plus 1 weekend). Practices & home games are held at multiple sites in the greater Reisterstown area. We cannot provide any more specifics until team, coach, and field assignments are confirmed (approx. end of Feb.)

League games begins in April , and game schedules are not published until the week prior to the first game.  Typically half the league games are held on either Saturdays or Sundays, and the other half on random weeknights. This is a travel league for all ages (except K & 1st) with games throughout the Baltimore metro area.

We require a commitment to attend practices & games, and absences may affect playing time. In fairness to the coaches who put in so much volunteer time, and to teammates – we ask all parents & players to consider this time commitment seriously so practices & games will be well attended & productive.

It is our hope to accept every player who registers, but there may be situations where the registration numbers exceed the practical number of players per team. In this instance priority will be given first to those who played the previous year in our outdoor program, and then to those who live in the areas directly served by the Reisterstown and Owings Mills rec councils.


Girils must have a regulation stick, mouthguard, and safety approved protective wire cage eyewear. Boys must have a regulation stick, mouthguard, safety approved helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, rib pads, protective cup. NO EQUIPMENT IS SUPPLIED EXCEPT GOALIE GEAR WHEN NEEDED. Play It Again Sports in Ellicott City or Westminster are good sources for new & used gear.


Two birth years are grouped together, mostly by grade, and designated as BEGINNERS (K & 1st), TYKERS (2nd & 3rd), LIGHTNING (4th & 5th), MIDGETS (6th & 7th), JUNIORS (8th). Actual placement is determined by birth dates listed on the online registration page. 9th graders who are age eligible may participate only if they are not on a high school team. Playing in a grouping younger than actual age is absolutely not allowed.


All skill levels are accepted – beginner thru advanced.  All players will be placed at their appropriate skill level after evaluations . There will be skill drills and scrimmages run by coaches & evaluators in each age group which ultimately determines player team placement. We make every attempt to have fair & thorough evaluations.


If registration numbers allow…

This popular program is for K & 1st grade only, NO PRE-K. The base fee is $85. It runs from approx. April thru May . This is a non-contact program designed to introduce young players to the fundamental skill of lacrosse (and to play with their friends & schoolmates).

We are usually able to accept all players who register prior to the start of the program. Please pass the word to all friends and schoolmates who may be interested in the fun, fitness, and skill development this program provides.  Primary practice & game activities take place on SUNDAYS between 1:00 and 5:00 in the Reisterstown area. You may have a game or practice at any interval within this time frame lasting approx. 1 hour. There may be some optional practices and clinics offered, or make-up games at other times. This is the most specific information available until schedules are developed in late March, so please be patient for your notification of start times, etc.

Our goal for this program is to select teams that are comparable in age & ability so the games are equally fun & challenging for all participants. In most cases, players can be assigned with their friends unless this causes a competitive imbalance as determined by coaches. There will be a short meet & greet type evaluation on the first day prior to team assignment. Parents will have the opportunity on that day to review placement requests with the coaches.

We always need volunteers, so please consider coaching a team. At this age expert lacrosse experience is not necessary – just a willingness to be there as needed & contribute to a positive youth sports environment. You will love it!!!

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