(RRP) Reisterstown Regional Park  401 Mitchell Drive  21136 (One turf field & 2-3 grass fields)

(FHS) Franklin High School  12000 Reisterstown Rd.  21136  (Stadium location turf field)

(HM) Hannah More School  12035 Reisterstown Rd.  21136  (2 large grass fields in lighted area and one smaller grass field above them in the rear)

(CES) Cedarmere Elementary School  17 Nicodemus Rd.  21136  (1 large grass field and 1 smaller grass field)

(FMS) Franklin Middle School  10 Cockeys Mill Rd.  21136  (2 grass fields in rear)

(NWP) Northwest Park  4515 Deer Park Rd.  21117  (One turf field & 1 grass field)

(RES) Reisterstown Elementary School  223 Walgrove Rd.  21136

(GES) Glyndon Elementary School  445 Glyndon Drive  21136

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